Accreditation and Affiliation
Bethesda Ministries & Schools of Bethesda Educational Training & Counseling Center, Inc.  was
Incorporated in the state of Virginia December 2, 2002 and in the state of Florida January 30, 2010.

State Council on Higher Education of Virginia (SCHEV) certified that Bethesda Bible Institute &
Seminary and Messenger School of Counseling satisfies all of the criteria for the status of a religious
degree-granting institution pursuant to 8 VAC 40-31-50 of the Virginia Administrative Code, and the
institution is exempt from the requirement of SCHEV certification.  That the institution’s primary purpose
is to provide religious training or theological education.  

Incorporated in the State of Florida in February 2010.  As well as, being approved by The Commission
for The Department of Education for the State of Florida, having certified Bethesda Bible Institute and
Messenger School of Counseling as a religious degree granting institution, and is compliant with
Section 1005.06 (1)(f)  of Florida statutes pursuant to religious institutions.  

Certified Academic Institution through the National Christian Counselor Association (N.C.C.A.),
nationally-recognized institution, we are in partnership with several other colleges and universities that
are Accredited Institutions with the Accrediting Commission International (ACI) for Schools, Colleges
and Theological Seminaries, providing counseling degrees.

Certified Bible Nurture Institute that offer classes from the Evangelical Training Association (ETA)
curriculum books.  ETA is a nationally-recognized agency for the promotion of higher standard for
Christian Teachers and church educators. (Bethesda is currently in preparation to move  the schools to
the next of Accreditation, nationally or regionally.

Certified Academic Institution (CAI) with the National Christian Counselors Association, services with
staff and Board Certified Clinical Supervisor to train candidates to become Licensed Christian and/or
Pastoral Clinical Counselors.

Approved Academic Institution with the Sarasota Academy of Christian Counselors (SACC) to qualify
candidates to become certified Temperament Therapist and administer the Arno Profile System/APS
(previously known as Temperament Analysis Profile (TAP).

The Commission for Independent Schools for the State of Florida – Military Education Benefits
(SAA) State Approval Agency of Virginia and Florida (pending).  The Veterans Administration –
approves Bethesda Bible Institute  & Seminary and Messenger School of Counseling as an Institute of
Higher Learning (IHL) and  allows benefits for active, retired and disabled veterans and their
dependents to receive educational services.

Concerning Transferring of Credits:  Each school has the authority to accept or reject some or all credits
from any other school.  Bethesda Bible Institute & Seminary and Messenger School of Counseling
exercise this same authority.  Some secularly-accredited or regionally-accredited schools may not
accept transfer credits from privately-accredited religious schools because of the difference in course
structure.  Some secularly-accredited or regionally-accredited schools only provide courses that are
‘naturally-based’; and some privately-accredited religious schools only provide ‘Bible-based’ courses.  
Bethesda’s aim is to provide both, naturally-based and Bible-based courses.