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Messenger School of Counseling

An Introduction to Biblical Psychology .....
Soul: The Essence, Existence, and Expression

"The spirit in a fallen or sensual individual is his mind, which has a vast capacity for God, to Whom,
however, he is dead, and the spirit of a fallen individual is imprisoned in his soul and degraded by
the body. A sensual person may have marvelous ideas, wonderful intelligence, and yet his whole life
may be corrupt and rotten....Take Oscar Wilde for instance.  It would be difficult to find a more flagrant
example of gross immorality, and yet while in prison, after a life of unthinkable immorality, Oscar Wilde wrote
a most amazing book entitled De Profundis, a book which shows a wonderful grasp of our Lord’s teaching.  
The spirit in Oscar Wilde was nothing more than an intellectual spirit, a spiritual capacity that had no life in
itself and was enslaved by the body through the soul.  Instead of a fallen man’s intelligence being able to lift
up his body, it does exactly the opposite; a fallen man’s intelligence severs his intellectual life more and
more from his bodily life and produces inner hypocrisy.   (Oswald Chambers)  Matthew 23:28  Even so ye also
outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity. (KJV)

Definitions: Greek 5272  ὑπόκρισις  hupokrisis  hoop-ok'-ree-sis  From G5271; acting under a feigned part; that
is, (figuratively) deceit (“hypocrisy”): - condemnation, dissimulation, hypocrisy.  (Strong’s Concordance)…  

HYPOC'RISY, n. [L. Hypocrisies; Gr. simulation; to feign; to separate, discern or judge.]  1. Simulation; a
feigning to be what one is not; or dissimulation, a concealment of one's real character or motives. More
generally, hypocrisy is simulation, or the assuming of a false appearance of virtue or religion; a deceitful
show of a good character, in morals or religion; a counterfeiting of religion.  Beware ye of the leaven of the
Pharisees, which is hypocrisy. Luke 12.  2. Simulation; deceitful appearance; false pretence.  (Webster’s 1828

You can never judge a man by his intellectual flights. You may hear the most magnificent and inspiring
diction from a man who has sunk lower than the beast in his moral life.  He has a sensual spirit; that is, instead
of his soul allowing his spirit to lift up his body, it drags it down, and there is a divorce between his intellectual
life and his practical life. .. ”.  A spiritual man is quite different.  Jesus Christ was a spiritual Personality; the
Holy Spirit filled His spirit and kept His soul and body in perfect harmony with God. The meaning of the
Atonement is that Jesus Christ has power to impart to us the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit has “life in itself,” and
immediately that life is manifested in our souls, it wars against what we have been describing.  Slowly and
surely if we “mind” the Holy Spirit Who fills our spirit and re-energizes it, we shall find that He will lift our soul,
and with our soul our body, into a totally new unity until the former divorce is annulled. (Oswald Chambers)

Definition - Sensual = Latin: sensualis, from sensus, sense. Pertaining to the body, in distinction
from the spirit; carnal; fleshly; pertaining to the gratification of the appetites; grossly luxurious;
indulging in lust; voluptuous. (Webster Dictionary).

Combined with the knowledge of Creation Therapy   (study of human behavior).....
Soul: Intellect/Mind, Control/Will, Affection/Emotions

As Preachers, Teachers, Leaders, Pastors or Counselors, who become Certified or Licensed as Christian or
Pastoral Counselors, can tell us that the soul in not allowing the spirit (of that man) righteous access, and is a
sign that the temperament needs are not being met in a godly way, dragging the body down (outward
manifestation), and the weaknesses are overriding strengths.
Example: The Melancholy in Inclusion/Intellect/Mind has a need to appear competent in speaking, however,
a situation arises from a previous decision made on the part of the Melancholy, it is found that a wrong
choice was made, by telling someone a wrong answer, to a devastating decision they needed to make. The
Melancholy felt absolutely certain of the advise given at the time, now the melancholy's thinking turns
downward, a depression, and walls have gone up, limiting the access to the otherwise highly intellectual, on
point person many know them to be. The manifestation through the body is obvious, the person's facial
expressions, and the walls that have been put up in their life. The effect:  relationships with family and
friends, and people that depended upon their help has diminished or become none existing.

In addition, when a Melancholy continues to sink, intellectually and physically, their speech can become
somber, and attitude reckless in relationships (maybe promiscuous), appearance in clothing is not in an
orderly, pristine manner, maybe unsanitary, this is a sign of depression or “black moody” behavior. The
solution:  for the Melancholy in Inclusion/Intellect is not to go down (depression), and allow a game plan from
the enemy to come into their mind, that makes them feel like they have to prove themselves, through lies and
deceit, but to surrender to God and acknowledge the error, and make it right—do the right thing

Counselors remember to take into consideration the area that you are addressing of the Soul/Temperament:
IncIusion/thoughts, Control/decisions and Affection/emotions or *I-C-A, taking into consideration  the coding
numbers that go with the *I-C-A (see 2nd page of Temperament Analysis Report).  When the
Soul/Temperament communicates with another human being/soul it does so by Expressing their (I) thoughts-
(C) decisions-(A) emotions and Responding back after the individual has responded to them, with (I) thoughts-
(C) decisions-(A) emotions. Therefore if an individual is a Melancholy Phlegmatic they will Express like a
Melancholy and Respond back like a Phlegmatic.  The Phlegmatic blends down the temperament, therefore,
the need does not require as much as it would without the Phlegmatic.  Example: The Melancholy in
Inclusion has a need to feel competent and in control, with the blend of the Phlegmatic their need would not
be as great (to prove themselves), because with the Phlegmatic blend they can function in a hostile social
setting, “nothing ruffles their feathers”.
E = Express (initiate) and R = Response (come back).
The Salvation Necessary for the Redemption of Souls
"Salvation of the Soul is a requirement not an option"
Romans 12:1-3
Written by:  @ 2-2010 Rev. Dr. Lisa Danette Williams, Th.B., M.Div.C.,D.Min.CCC. -
NCCA Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor - NBCCT Board Certified Clinical Supervisor
Note:  God states in The Word/Jesus:  1Corinthians 12:27  Now ye are the body of Christ,
and members in particular.  1Corinthians 12:28  And God hath set some in the church, first
apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings,
helps, governments, diversities of tongues.  1Corinthians 12:29  Are all apostles? are all
prophets? are all teachers? are all workers of miracles?  1Corinthians 12:30  Have all the
gifts of healing? do all speak with tongues? do all interpret?

Christian Counselors, operating in the Gifts of Healings have been set in the Body/church by
God to serve its members, that is to encourage and advise the believer of God's  plan of

*I-C-A means Inclusion/Intellect-Control/Decisions-Affection/Emotions

Visit these Website Pages:  See also “Christian Counselors & The Human Soul” under “ArticleCounseling2”
and for more information about Certificates, Certification, Licensure or Degrees as Christian or Pastoral
Counselor, see Messenger “School of Counseling”.
Other Analysis about Melancholy (0-3):

Motivation:  Intimacy
Needs:        To Be Good (Morally), To Be Understood, To Be Appreciated, Acceptance
Wants:        To Reveal Insecurities, To Please Others, Autonomy, Security
Positives:    Gifted, Self-Sacrificing, Helpful, Thoughtful, Faithful
Negatives:   Moody, Critical, Negative, Resentful, Suspicious

Inclusion/Intellect:  Low need for socialization (E); Low response to need for socialization in
others (R)
Control/Will or Decision Making:    Desire very little control over others (E); Desire very little
control over them by others (R)
Affection/Emotions:   Demonstrate a very little love or affection (E);  Desire very little love and
affection from others (R)
The wolf preys upon the lamb
in the dark of the night, but the
blood stains remain to accuse
him by day. .. Kahlil Gibran
There are mysteries within the
soul which no hypothesis can
discover and no guess can
         Kahlil Gibran
Truth is the will and
purpose of God in
man.   - Kahlil Gibran