Bethesda and Bethsaida
provide an opportunity for our youth,
young adults and Young Adults Ministry (YAM), Women in
Ministry and Leadership Ministry the opportunity to
exercise, demonstrate and showcase their gifts, talents
and life calling.   XVII. The
FIVEFOLD Ministers (Academics
through Dialogue)
; XVIII. Kingdom Builders (Strategic in Boxing)
are Young Adults in Bible College, Team Leaders of
Ministries (founders & overseers of outreaches and
travelling ministries), the FiveFold Ministry Leadership (in
training) for the organization, Artist (song writers, step
teams, rappers, dancers, singers, visual and audio artist,
Bethsaida…”House of Fishers” (the ministers) and “Place of Nets”
(ministries) that execute the ministries (1 Corinthians 12:28)
Bethesda Ministries ....Non-denominational and Multi-Cultural Schools and Ministries. 501©(3) Non-Profit Organization 12/2/2002
YAM) Young Adult Ministries – Ages 18-35

The FiveFold
Reproduced to reproduce in others - Discipled  to
disciple others.  An outreach and traveling  ministry.  
Sharing academically, teachings relative to Ephesians
4:11-13, prophetically and revelatory information that is
applicable to every day life situations, occupations and
careers. A Dialogue Panel that utilizes scriptures to
engage other students and theologians.  To use those
same dialogues to help teachers in the classroom.

Ephesians 4:11, 1 Corinthians 12:28

XVIII. Kingdom Builders

To help out the urban community, providing a safe
haven for unfortunate individuals and those with
problems or disabilities, young and old,  here and
eventually around the world.  Assist those that can’t
afford housing, boxing  or conditioning , or with a
place to stay,  train and learn how to Box. To educate
about the word of God, imbed in them discipline,  
hard  work and integrity.

Nehemiah 2:17,18                   

Unity with peers in the industry joining together for
special events.  To model, demonstrate and to inform
the next generation – of promises and possibilities.  
Outreach & Travelling
ARTIST: Lumaré Grubbs
Title: Take my will