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Institute &
  • Academic Certificates
for Preachers & Teachers

Note: Candidate may also put in a
application for Clergy Licensing
and Ordination as Preachers or

  • Bachelor Degrees
  • Masters Degrees
  • Doctorate Degrees
  • Ph.D. Degree Program

Bethesda Bible Seminary –
Biblical & Counseling Degree Programs

Affordable Biblical tuition, per credit:  1) Bachelor @ $80; Master's @ 100;
Doctorate @ $150.  (Fees are subject to change)

Note:  Degree Descriptions
On the undergraduate level (Associate’s & Bachelor’s) you can earn enough
credits to place you in the 3rd or 4th year bachelor’s degree based on prior
learning, transfer credits, credit by examination, and even other forms of prior
learning can be applied toward an undergraduate degree, see an academic
counselor for more information.

All religious degrees basically are courses that credits are concentrated in
that major area of study, such as, Associates in Christian Education (A.C.E or
B.CE; Th.B or ) or  Bachelors of Theology are in that area.  The Graduate
(Master’s or Doctorate) are new areas of study and does not offer this
Many students come with credits and
experience, and are able to go into the 3rd & 4th
Year  Bachelors of Theology or Bachelors
in Christian Education Degree Program  

(Semesters begin Fall, Spring, Summer)
There is a special program for those,
pre-approved, with other college degrees
&  leadership experience.  This also
requires a signed commitment from the
student to complete the 4th Year Bachelor
&  Master of Divinity Degree or other
Master of Arts Programs.
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Brochure:  BBIS Bachelor Degree
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Brochure: BBI Academic Certificate Programs
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Brochure YAM Associates of Arts Degree
Special Program for Young Adults Ministry (YAM - 18-35 years old)
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Bethesda Bible Institute & Seminary (BBIS)

         BBI Academic Certificates (4 Programs)
Programs:     1.  Licensed Ministers
          2.  Ordained Ministers
          3.  Teacher Ministry Certification
          4.  Commissioned Minister of Counseling

II.         BBS Undergraduate Degree Programs
1.   Associates Degree (5 Tracks)
1.1   Christian Counseling (under supervision, until obtain
      a Bachelor Degree  and Counselor License)
1.2   Leadership in Youth Ministry (Youth Leaders, Outreach
       Ministries, etc.)
1.3  Christian Education (Teachers, Professors,
      Christian Educators)
1.4  Christian Business Administration (Entrepreneurs,
      Consultants, Financers, etc.)
1.5  Missions (Urban, local and International Ministries)

2.   Bachelors Degrees (2 Tracks)
2.1   Theology
2.2   Christian Education
Young Adults 18-35 (only)  Special Program ** Licensed Ministers & Associates   
(5 Concentrations/Majors)   ** These MIT's (Ministers In Training) get a set of academics courses
(12 months) before they are Licensed to preach the Gospel.  
Upon request, we also perform ceremony
for Licensed.

They continue in the Associates programs with those called a preachers and teachers.  Designed for Young
Adults currently in or entering into the Ministry as Preachers, Teachers and Counselors.  The program is also
ideal for Youth Leaders or Youth Pastors.  (students can return later and finish up with a Bachelor's Degree).  

We are prepared to assist other Churches in preparing their young adults for ministry.  As individuals, teams
and as FiveFold Ministers we teach and train in Gifts and Temperaments, the study of human behavior, and
how to make application to one's personal life.

Please contact us for more information.  

III.    BBS Graduate Degree Programs
1.   Master of Divinity (M.Div.) (4Tracks)
1.1   Master of Divinity
1.2   Master of Divinity in Christian Counseling
1.3   Master of Divinity in Pastoral Counseling
1.4   Master of Divinity in Chaplaincy

2.   Master's Degree (6 Tracks)
2.1  Theology
2.2  Christian Education
2.3  Pastoral Youth Leadership
2.4  Ministry
2.5  Music & Worship
2.6  Christian Business Administration

IV.      Doctorate of Ministry (D.Min.)
1.  Doctorate of Ministry (3 Tracks)
1.1  Doctorate of Ministry
1.2  Doctorate of Ministry in Chaplaincy
1.3  Doctorate of Ministry in Practical Theology

2.0  Doctorate Degree (3 Tracks)
2.1  Doctorate of Theology
2.2  Doctorate in Christian Education
2.3  Doctorate in Music & Drama

3.0   Doctorate of Philosophy (3 Tracks)
3.1   Doctorate of Philosophy in Religion
3.2   Doctorate of Philosophy in Chaplaincy
3.3   Doctorate of Philosophy in Practical Theology
Doctorate of Ministry
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WD BBIS M.Div. Brochure