Created In God's Image  -  A smaller version of Creation Therapy, however, this does not
go into Case Studies and the application of Counselor, Creation Therapy also provides
Certification as a "Temperament Counselor".  This is an ideal course for those in
Leadership within or outside the church, doctors, psychologist, psychiatrist, etc. Will benefit
from understanding the people that they work with.

Christian Counselor Licensure Program

Fees are affordable, and a financial plan is available to students.

Complete Part I (Creation Therapy); Phase I and II courses:

There are three levels a person can attain to:

Level I  
Part I  -  Creation Therapy Course  -  "Temperament Therapist" - Certification
Temperament Theory
 Creation Therapy (Part I - a combined of the 3 classes)
Temperament Therapy

Pneumatology I/the Spiritual Gifts and the Ministry of the Holy Spirit
(students are also administered a Gifts Analysis Profile and learn about ministries and callings)

The Creation Therapy Counseling (combined to include Temperament Theory;
Testing/Measurements; and Temperament Therapy).  
Creation Therapy Certification course (only)
can also be taken for those that are not necessarily desiring to become a Licensed Pastoral
Counselor, but do desire to understand people, those they lead or to assist a Licensed Counselor.

Level II
Phase I
Basic Christian Counseling
Christian Psychology and Counseling
Hermeneutics I/Interpreting Scripture
(student have an indepth study of the principles used to interpret scriptures, and learn how to use
the template along with the 5 essential principles:  1) Context; 2) First Mention; 3) Comparative; 4.
Progressive; and Complete Mention Principles.  Much revelatory information is released, and the
study of the 5-Fold Ministry is part of the course work).

Level III
Phase II
Mastering Pastoral Counseling
Temperament Case Studies

Degree not required to obtain any level.  Ministerial Credentials (not required if candidate is an
ordained, licensed or commissioned minister.  Students that are not called to preach the gospel
can request commissioning through Messenger School of Counseling.  Also those desiring
Ministerial credential may submit application for Licensed Ministers or Ordination.  

Level IV
Students may also inquire about the Christian Counselor Degree program (Associates - Doctorate

All Counseling Degree programs includes the Licensure Program -  & Books
(12 months).  
Explanation of Ministerial Credentials and Clergy

Are you "called" by God to counsel and want to be licensed?

Many individuals who inquire about the licensing program are ordained ministers. These
individuals can complete the requirements and be licensed as a Licensed Pastoral Counselor
or as a Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor. They can counsel anywhere in America and
accept remuneration for this service without being affiliated with any state agency, i.e., without
being state licensed. This is because the laws governing counseling in all fifty states “exempt"
Clergy" from submitting to it's (the state’s) lower authority. The First Amendment of our
Constitution requires such exemption: "Congress shall make no law respecting an
establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; . . ."

What about the others - those individuals who are not ordained ministers or pastors? The call
to counsel is just as real for them. They do not want to be state licensed and most certainly do
not want to relinquish their right to represent Jesus Christ in their counseling ministry. They
just want to answer and fulfill God's call on their fives.

Indeed, some are called to the high office of the pastorate. These persons should be ordained
(set aside) by a church or a denomination and approved to perform all the duties of the
pastorate, including the dispensation of the sacraments (giving Holy Communion and

However, there are many other types of Ministers or Clergy. For example, Ministers of Music,
Chaplains, Ministers of Administration, Missionaries, Youth Ministers, etc. All of these offices
are understood by the state and federal government to be "Clergy."

The Ministry of Counseling is a valid ministry, which is instituted by God. The call into this
ministry is an awesome call, which cannot be easily ignored.

Perhaps you are not called to pastor a church or to give Holy Communion or to Baptize.
However, if you are called by God into the Ministry of Counseling, we can help you. You do not
have to be Ordained; you can qualify to be a “Commissioned Minister of Counseling”. This will
meet state requirements so you can legally counsel and accept remuneration/compensation
because you will be recognized by your state as Clergy.  And, it will open the doors for you to
accept Gods call on your life.
You can also assist a N.C.C.A. Licensed Christian Counselor, Church or any outreach ministry
as a – “Temperament Counselor”, with the authority to administer Arno Profile System and
explain the temperament analysis profile to the individual.  

Your local church/pastor can commission you as a Commissioned Minister of Counseling or
you can request through Bethesda Christian Ministers & Counselor Fellowship (BCMC-F) for
the presbytery to grant you commissioning or take the “Minister’s/Clergy Courses through
Bethesda Bible Institute  to be licensed as a minister/evangelist.  “Clergy”, or “Ordained” or
Commissioned,” or Minister” means “set aside” for the specific ministry for which God has
called you.  
Copyright 2012  Bethesda Bible Institute & Seminary and Messenger School of Counseling.
Temperament Descriptions & Counselor Teachings
MSC Licensure Brochure
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Messenger School of Counseling (MSC) is a
Certified Academic Institution with The National
Christian Counselor Association (NCCA)

and a member of
American Christian Counselors Association (AACC)
Temperament Descriptions:
The Soul is made of up of  3 Areas: 1. Intellect/Mind - how we express ourselves when we are  
socializing/talking with others.  2.
Control/Decision Making Abilities - How we make decisions in
our interaction with others for ourselves and for others.  3.  
Affection - how we express
ourselves, which is manifested through our body.  Example:  I think about it; make the decision
of how I am going to execute what I am thinking, and this comes forth by demonstration of my
body (a facial expression, hand movement, head movement, etc.).  So it is with us all, the
difference in outcome is according to our temperament whether we are a Melancholy in
Intellect (introvert - intellectual and genius prone), Sanguine (extrovert/people person, the life
of the party, making great evangelist, salespeople) in decision making, and Choleric in
Affection (one that likes to control others, excellent at accomplishing task and influencing
people to do so).  Each one of us are unique, as scriptures state (read Psalm 139:13-16).  Our
Creation Therapy course will help the leader, counselor, psychologist, doctor, or CEO
understand the people that they are leading and the desire for a successful environment of a
people at peace with themselves and others, because we know how to help them, which is to
the benefit of all.  Or for those called to be Christian Counselors may desire to take course
and receive "Licensed Counselors", or a Associates, Bachelor, Masters or Doctorate degree.
MSC Brochure Bachelor in Counseling
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MSC Brochure Masters in Counseling
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MSC Brochure Doctorate of Philosophy in Counseling
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MSC Major Concentration
Counseling Course Descriptions